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Launch and promote your old app in a new way?

When your app has entered the app store then it will look like a hot cake. The users gets engaged to new app more than the old ones. Once the users start interacting with your app after sometime you will notice they will start to lose interest in your app. The number of app users will also start to decrease after some time.  You may feel afraid of this situation but this is the reality. Here is the situation where you have to put up some extra efforts so that you can maintain your app users momentum.

You cannot do this job once your app reaches the app store. So you need to be ready to double up your effort so that your app goes a long way so that it becomes popular and go a long way.  The best way to do this is to keep putting efforts you’re promoting your app with a new energy. Here are some of the ways to do so: 

1.    You should schedule your lifestyle for your app

Messaging apps can be ideal way, you can provide your users with regular updates which can keep them hook. For example the mobile gaming apps needs to come up with new resources. The utility apps must remind your users with alerts on a daily basis. Shopping apps should come up with new deals and offers so that it can keep provoking the users to purchase. Link this every app has its own lifestyle: this is how you can work after your app is gone to the app store. Does you have fixed any lifestyle for your app? 

If you have not done this you should start it right away. You must make a list of the goals which can help you with your app. 

To set up the goals of your app you should answer all these questions:

  • My app is for whom whether you the aged, adults, teenagers or children. 
  • How to target the audiences to use the app?
  • What can make your app successful?

You must set up the goals of your app but also you must make use of some common goals which every app make use of:

•    Taking new customers to your shop
•    Building brand through your app
•    Selling up products

2.    Be prepared for new responsibilities

Your schedule will be added with new responsibilities when your users will start using your app. So you should start brainstorming for such a situation and create a different department which can handle the responsibilities with the new users. 

3.    Start the chit chat with the users

The apps which are popular has most of the communicators. Their chit chat with the users would be always in going process. Make sure that your app also reflect these types of qualities. You can even hire someone who can listen users and solve their issues. 

There are many ideas through which you can continue your conversation with the users even when they are not using your app. You can make use of the tricks like push notifications or you can provoke alerts that can help your apps to communicate with the users. 

4.    keep on introducing fresh contents

Deals, in-app purchases, Products, offers, rewards, extra features, articles whatever content your app possess you should continue introducing new contents on a regular basis. Make fresh contents everyday which will remind your users that your app also exists with some new things. 

5.    Measure the return rate of your users

•    What is the number of users your app possess?
•    How many users come back to your app?
•    How the user’s gets interact to your app?
•    Which contents attracts the users the most?

All these things define the success rate of your app. With the help of these questions you will get to know the success and the failure of your content. You can eliminate some of the parts, in order to improve the most liked parts you need to make use of the demand-able contents.  Now you know what thing you should make use to do after the launch life of your app. Keep yourself improving and release fresh new contents. 

As consultant our team of AppActuator provides you with the road-map with the help of which you can have mobile success. You even get enterprise-wide solutions which will help your business more competitive but even provides a big marketplace which can make you more successful. It even provides you with right guidelines with which you can find mobile strategies which will help your business to attain your overall business goals.

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