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How Prototypes Improve Collaboration & Communication?

When you show something it is always better than if you are telling or experiencing something. It is always better if people can understand your app idea and they are able to understand them. This can be beneficial in both the situation for attracting the clients and the stakeholders and even for internals which helps in collaborating with the team and supporting the new idea.  

Prototypes helps in few ways:

Firstly it helps in generating a connection between the developers and designers where both of them interact to generate the same goals. Prototype is beneficial for different department and prototype helps to overcome all the barriers which may come while developing a mobile app. Prototype are the important aspect of design and helps to explore the crazy ideas which might work and can be successful. 

Secondly the prototyping described the benefits of the formal presentations. With the help of which the clients and the stakeholders are able to misinterpret the description and delivery of the app with the convincing research and mockups. An interactive prototype only requires little description and helps the stakeholders to generate the experience of the app. It even refrain your app from falling into any criticism as it is a visual element which is right in front of your eyes. The prototype provides the ability of your app and provides an experience and magic of your app design. It does not provide you with the blueprint of the app but helps you to explore the model house. 

How prototype helps to add the balance to your app design?

Prototyping is a phase which makes your idea and concept into reality o you need both creativity with practicality and awareness. 

Prototypes helps to make decisions which cannot be described through the parameters. For the designers prototype is beneficial in three ways:

  • Decision making: It helps to select a design of your choice, shape, functions all through with the help of prototyping. A workable prototype provides you with the instant feedback so that it can help you in making decision.
  • Focus: It generates an actual feedback of all senses, prototypes provides you with the user reality. UX priority becomes plays an important role if you want to experience your app real in front of you.
  • Parallelism: It is not necessary that you need to create a sequential design process. Gathering the feedbacks, setting up the requirements and doing the brainstorming can be beneficial in generating concepts and interactions which can be beneficial through prototyping.  

If you are planning to develop a successful mobile application then the first thing what you need is a hi-fi prototype. If you do not have a prototype then you will find that the interactivity between the platforms is simple but designing will need a lot of decision making which can be eliminated at the time of the static design. When you have prototype then it identifies and solves the UX problems and how transition happens from the homepage without overpowering the users with too much information. All over the prototyping helps to merge the conceptual goals into practical reality. It helps to balance the visual design and interactive design.  AppActuator helps you to generate the UX, wireframe and prototypes for building the wireframe for the mobile. It helps to create fully interactive prototype with your team and clients.

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